Spandana Pharmacy is an integral part of Spandana Health Care aimed at providing one stop solution to our clientele. We offer special discount on all purchases above Rs 500/- and also undertake free home delivery of drugs. Demand for medicines not readily available is taken and procured within 24 hrs.

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Our Services

Dental Health Care Services

The smile is one of our most attractive features, giving us confidence in the way we perceive ourselves and how we are viewed by those around us. Sai Dental clinic, a branch of Spandana health Care is striving to enhance the smile on your face and is a one stop solution for all your Dental Treatments. At Spandana Health Care, We offer a wide range of treatments like RCT, Dentures, teeth whitening, smile designing, Metal free crown and bridging and preventive dentistry

Spandana Diagnostic Services

To make life simpler when you do not have to run to different places to get all your medical requirements met, we offer to carry out all routine lab diagnostics under the same roof. For advanced investigations we have entered into a MoU with Anand Diagnostics where in the samples are collected from our lab in the morning hours and the reports are sent online by same evening. We do not believe in unnecessary tests, inappropriate diagnostics or over-medication. Which means you will not find our doctors prescribing unwanted lab tests

Vaccination Services

Whether it's a routine immunisation schedule for your little one or a last minute flu-jab before your upcoming office trip abroad, we are always there to make sure you don't miss any of them. Our paediatric vaccination services are not just limited to immunisation, but more importantly are an extension to a more comprehensive approach towards child care, including growth assessment, preventive advice and parental counselling for all paediatric and adolescent issues. Wondering if you should get your daughter vaccinated for HPV? Talk to our doctors today to clarify your doubts.

Other Services

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Treatment Room
  • Family Packages
  • Health Checkups

During your initial health check-up with us, your Personal Physician will spend anywhere up to 30 minutes with you to collate your medical history and create a medical file with a summary on our proprietary Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. You will be required to share whatever medical records are available with you to enable the Personal Physician to make an accurate record. Your Personal Physician will also keep this online record constantly updated whenever you have a medical event or doctor consultation.

Spandana Health Care has a full-fledged treatment room managed by an experienced nurse that caters to typical nursing services like
1. Blood pressure monitoring
2. Suturing
3. Weight and height -BMI
4. First aid
5. Blood sugar check
6. ECG
7. Insulin and other injections
8. IV administration
9. Specimen collection
10. Stabilization
11. Vaccination
ECG: Our clinic is equipped with ECG machines enabling our doctors to quickly determine the ECG profile when required. The ECG machines are electronically linked to the super specialty hospital "Narayana Hrudayalaya", where Cardiologists interpret the ECGs that are deemed abnormal by our doctors and they require expert advice. The interpretation results and suggested treatment is transferred back to our clinics within a few minutes

In line with our motto to provide quality primary healthcare that is affordable by all we provide unique family packages. These packages that can be availed by a family of 2 or 4 or even by an individual provide for holistic treatment with unlimited consultations and discount on various services. Senior citizens can avail further benefits. For details of our Family Packages please. contact reception of our clinic or e-mail to

To enjoy the best of Health regular medical checkups are essential because early detection is half the battle won. Our Health check packages provide for consultations and tailored investigations to be conducted at very reasonable and affordable tariffs. Our Health Checkup packages for chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc., provide for regular continued care with optional reminder facilities and health education. We also provide comprehensive well child checkups that are important for every child from birth to age 5. Our health checkup offerings is devoted to facilitating the preservation of wellness, detection of possible illness and take preventive action and ensuring long term cost saving.

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